Patient Stories

Read stories from our patients and how Nsight changed their life.

Nsight saves lives! A nephrology doctor called to thank Nsight because one of his patients recorded a 220/170 BP reading and our nurse responded immediately to the alert. Although the patient told our nurse he was feeling fine, she directed him to the emergency department where they assessed he was having a major heart attack, so they rushed him into surgery and NOW he is alive and well today because of us.

We reduce hospitalizations! One of our provider's patients submitted several blood pressures ranging between 100/45 - 90/40 and one of our nurses responded to her immediately. The patient complained of mild dizziness and it was found that the patient had been given a prescription for clonazepam’s by her psychiatrist that was interacting with her hypertension medication. Our nurse quickly reached out to the provider to schedule an office visit so they could adjust her meds to combat clonazepam’s Hypotensive properties. Without us, this patient could have ended up in the hospital with a serious injury, such as a fall, organ failure or even something worse.

Nsight has become an irreplaceable part of my health routine. I am making better choices with the types of food I am eating, and I am staying more consistent with exercise.

Everyone I have interacted with on the Nsight platform has been so genuine and caring. I’m not rushed, and I don’t feel that my concerns are unimportant.

Nsight has motivated me towards maintaining good health. My personal doctor always has current information available and the program inspires me to have self-discipline.

Nsight holds me accountable to do self-checks on my personal health almost daily. That way if something is going on, my health coach and I will catch it early.

Logging in is the push I need to pay attention to my activity level, blood pressure etc. It keeps my to-do list top of mind, so I can’t ignore my health.

Having such a friendly and helpful person to communicate with about my health makes reaching out with concerns easier.

My favorite thing about Nsight is their total concern for the individual and their complete dedication to their profession.

Being able to get in touch with my health coach and medical team anytime I have questions or concerns, gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am always taken care of.

The ability to get immediate feedback from my health coach with suggestions and encouragement motivates me to stay on top of my health. Someone is always available who cares about me and addresses my concerns.

For me, what sets Nsight apart from other health monitoring apps is their reliability. I know there is always someone I can speak to if I have any concerns.

I appreciate how my support nurse, Dailey, is always on top of things. If I send her a message with a question, she gets right back to me.